Safety solutions for commercial shipping

VIKING supplies and services a full scope of safety equipment for all types of commercial vessels - from the world's largest container vessels, bulkers and tankers to freighters, feeders and tugs.

Today, more than 1500 commercial shipowners manage safety through a fixed price VIKING Shipowner Agreement, entrusting the bulk of safety equipment related administration and risk in the hands of our global maritime safety experts.  

Protecting people and business​​​​​​​

Ever since the invention of the first ships, humans have turned to the seas to move goods from one point to another, sustaining life and helping societies flourish in the process.

Just as long commercial shipping has existed, so have the dangers facing seafarers on board the thousands of vessels on which over 80% of the world's supplies now depend.

At VIKING, we’re proud to help keep these brave and dedicated professionals safe.

Safety in focus

All the safety you need:

Your safety is safe with us

All safety equipment types are serviced by our global industry-leading multi-brand service network and are available on a fixed price safety agreement or as safety management under the VIKING Shipowner Agreement concept.

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