Business ethics

As a global company, we embrace many cultures and ways of living. We believe ethical business conduct in regard to human rights, labor rights, the environment and anti-corruption through every link of the value chain is about values as well as compliance and risk mitigation.

VIKING’s Code of Business Conduct, developed according to the principles of the UN Global Compact, is an integral part of our introductory training and information for all new employees and suppliers. The Code of Business Conduct outlines how we manage our relations with all stakeholders and establishes guidelines to help shield our employees and suppliers from human rights violations, corruption and bribery. We strive to ensure the composition of our staff reflects the diversity of the areas in which we operate.

For the sake of even higher quality and reliability in our solutions, we have implemented a wide range of internal checks and balances. These requirements are set out in the VIKING Quality Management System and cover areas such as new materials and suppliers. Any changes in our suppliers or sources of key raw materials used in the manufacture of safety equipment must be approved according to these strict requirements.