Terms and conditions of sale: VIKING Beholder Trykprøvning

Pressure testing

Periodic inspections

VIKING Beholder Trykprøvning (VBT), part of VIKING Life Saving Equipment A/S, performs periodic inspection and pressure testing of various types of pressure cylinders, such as diving cylinders, SCBA cylinders, CO2 cylinders, etc. The periodic inspection includes interior and exterior inspection and pressure testing. VIKING Beholder Trykprøvning is accredited for pressure testing as a Type A Inspection Body by DANAK.

The law stipulates that diving cylinders must be inspected and pressure tested every five years.


The price for pressure testing per cylinder can be provided upon inquiry.

A handling fee of $74 applies for the submission of fewer than 6 cylinders per order.

Contact us for a quote if you need a large number of tests performed, or for an extended customer agreement.

The price includes VAT/sales tax but excludes shipping.

Delivery time is 14 days – rush jobs can be performed by agreement.

Cylinders must be clearly labeled with your name and submitted without accessories (feeding rings, valves, etc.).

Terms and conditions of sale

Application and contractual basis

These terms of sale apply for all services and take precedence over any of the buyer’s terms of purchase and/or business. Deviations from these terms require written consent.

Quote and price

Unless otherwise agreed, VBT’s currently applicable price list applies. This price list is published on VBT’s website. All prices are excluding VAT/sales tax and other public charges. VBT is not responsible for any publishing errors or omissions in catalogs, brochures, and other printed materials and cannot be held liable for any misinterpretations of the information provided therein.


Knowledge and observations acquired by VBT during the collaboration with the customer will be treated confidentially. According to the law, however, VBT may be required to provide confidential information to the authorities, including DANAK and the Danish Working Environment Authority. In such situations, the customer will be informed and DANAK will be subject to the rules on confidentiality.

Pursuant to applicable rules, DANAK has the right of access to inspection reports.


An order is only binding once the customer has received an order number (possibly by telephone) from VBT.

Delivery and delays

Unless otherwise agreed in writing in advance, items to be inspected must be delivered empty and depressurized to VBT’s warehouse address. All shipments are at the expense and risk of the customer.

VBT is not responsible for delays unless it can be documented that VBT or others for whom VBT is responsible have shown gross negligence.

VBT is not liable for indirect losses, including operating losses, loss of time, or third-party losses.

Cancellation and changes

Cancellation, changes, and/or additions to orders must be in writing and can only be accepted if, at the discretion of VBT, the process of performing the service has not advanced too far.


Terms of payment: net 8 days.

If the customer does not provide payment by the due date, VBT is entitled to charge default interest on the overdue amount. The interest rate charged is currently 2% of the balance due per commenced month. In addition, a fee of $22 is charged for reminders and other statements. In the event of delayed payment, VBT is entitled to terminate all agreements entered into or to withhold goods pertaining to other agreements until the payment is received.


The customer must check and examine inspected items immediately upon receipt. Claims regarding defects or damage must be reported to VBT in writing and no later than 8 days after receipt. If there is visible damage to an item, a claim must be submitted no later than the day after receipt.

If it is determined that the item was damaged while in the possession of VBT, VBT will at its own discretion undertake to rectify the damage by replacing the damaged item or otherwise indemnifying the customer.

In case of rectification and replacement, the customer must return the damaged items.

Apart from the above, the customer cannot assert claims of any kind against VBT.

If, despite the submission of a claim, there is no damage for which VBT is responsible, VBT is entitled to reimbursement of any expenses and compensation for any loss incurred or suffered by VBT as a result of the claim.

VBT is not liable for damage or defects due to incorrect handling, transport, storage, or other negligence by others than VBT.

VBT is not liable for operational losses, loss of profit, loss of time, loss of earnings, or other indirect losses.


VBT issues a certificate guaranteeing the completion of visual inspection, pressure testing, and labeling of the cylinders in accordance with applicable laws in Europe.

If the cylinder cannot be approved, it will be rendered unserviceable if the inspector deems it impossible to repair the damage.

Force Majeure

If, for a period of more than 6 months, a party is prevented from fulfilling its obligations, each of the parties has the right to fully or partially cancel the agreement with regard to the provision of goods and services that should have occurred during the period in question. 

The party that wishes to exercise a right in accordance with the above must immediately notify the other party in writing.


VBT is not authorized to provide advisory services.

Furthermore, VBT assumes no liability in connection with transport, installation, filling, and use of the cylinder.

The above terms include provisions by which VBT relieves itself of liability. The customer should take out insurance coverage to the extent that the customer desires protection from such risks.

Applicable law and venue

Any disputes between VBT and the buyer will be settled by the Maritime and Commercial High Court in Copenhagen on the basis of Danish law.

Legal consequences of disposal of transportable pressurized equipment

If a cylinder is rejected/discarded after an inspection or pressure testing, it must be rendered harmless/unserviceable in accordance with the rules of the inspection standards for transportable pressurized equipment, under section 13 “Rejection and rendering cylinder unserviceable”.

For seamless steel cylinders, this is stipulated by DS/EN ISO 18119:2018/A1:2005

For seamless aluminum alloy gas cylinders, this is stipulated by DS/EN 18119:2018

For composite gas cylinders, this is stipulated by DS/EN ISO 11623:2015

In the event of disposal, the cylinders will be rendered unserviceable by drilling holes in the cylinder or by other means.

In accordance with Executive Order 685 of 10 June 2013 and Executive Order 289 of 24 April 2001, a complaint about the results of VBT’s test can be submitted to the Danish Working Environment Authority.