Global quality, health, safety and environment policy

At VIKING, our mission is to protect and save human lives all over the world. We aim to achieve and maintain high standards of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) procedures, conducting our business with honesty and integrity in a responsible manner and involving our employees in improving areas concerning QHSE. We commit to taking appropriate actions that are ethical and in compliance with applicable legal requirements and all other requirements relating to QHSE issues in all the countries, in which we operate.


It is an essential part of our corporate strategy to have VIKING’s name continually associated with high standards of product quality and service. We work ambitiously towards constantly setting new goals and have instituted a wide range of internal requirements aimed at ensuring our products and services achieve even higher levels of quality and reliability. We have a thorough QHSE risk assessment process in place, and continuously collect data to analyse, evaluate and improve our performance.

Health and safety

A healthy work environment is one that is safe, empowering, and satisfying. VIKING strives to integrate sound health and management practices into all aspects of business and reduce work-related accidents. VIKING must comply with all safety and health laws, regulations and practices and our channel partners (for example advisors, agents, distributors and servicing stations) and suppliers are expected to do the same*.

Environmental regulations and protection

We recognize that our activities affect the development of society and the environment around us. VIKING plays an active role in improving environmental conditions, wherever there is a natural link to our business, and we expect our channel partners and suppliers to do the same - without limitation*.

We care for the environment by complying with environmental legislation and ensuring that reducing the environmental impact is considered, when developing new products and optimizing production and service processes to reduce waste and resources used.

* While all parties are expected to self-monitor and demonstrate their compliance with this QHSE policy, VIKING is carrying out audits and inspecting facilities to confirm compliance. Violation of the QHSE policy may expose group staff and VIKING to reputational damage and may result in immediate removal of any member of group staff, channel partner or supplier.