Competition conditions

Competition terms for competitions online and offline.

These terms apply to the extent, not specifically stated in the particular competition advertisement. This means that these terms apply together with the specific advertising item.

Therefore, read both thoroughly as they contain important information. 

By participating in the competition, you accept these competition conditions.

About the competition

The competition is organized by VIKING (VIKING Life-Saving Equipment A/S, VAT no. DK 15016213, Saedding Ringvej 13, 6710 Esbjerg, Denmark. Participation is not conditional on purchase and is free, unless otherwise stated. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash or other benefits.

The competition will run for the specified period and the winner will be drawn at the specified time

The specified number of prizes at the specified value will be awarded in the competition. As it is a prize, there is no right of complaint under the Sales Act. A prize will not be handed over to a winner if the person in possession of the prize violates the law.

The purpose of the competition is to be entertaining and to market VIKING and possibly business partners. Participants cannot subsequently make claims against VIKING.

Who can participate?

In most cases, only persons over 18 years of age can participate in the competition, unless otherwise described. VIKING reserves the right to verify the age of winners and disqualify participants under the age of 18. Employees of VIKING, members of their household and any person directly or indirectly involved in the organization of this competition may not enter. In the event that a participant does not comply with all conditions of participation, he/she will automatically lose the right to a prize.

How do you participate?

To enter the competition, you must do as indicated in the competition.

VIKING reserves the right to exclude participants who have entered more than once from the Competition.

All entries received after the entry deadline are invalid and excluded from the Competition. It is the participant's own responsibility that the registration arrives on time. VIKING cannot be held responsible for problems with the registration, whether it happens on the Internet, in the warehouses, per phone, e-mail, post etc.

Selection of the winner

How the winner is determined is explained by the specific competition. How the winner is contacted with a view to delivery of the prize is also shown in the specific competition.

If the winner has not responded within 21 days after the winner has been contacted by VIKING, VIKING reserves the right to find a new winner.

When you participate in the competition, you also accept that VIKING may contact you regarding delivery of the prize.

VIKING reserves the right to publish the name and city of the winner of the competition on both our website and other media that VIKING uses.

Final provisions

VIKING reserves the right to change or withdraw the Competition at any time, if circumstances arise that require this, without the participant being able to raise any kind of claim against VIKING.

Achievements in connection with participation in a competition are VIKING’s property and may not be handed over to third parties unless otherwise agreed.

No part of this Competition may be disclosed or published without VIKING’s express written consent.

This competition is governed by Danish law. Any dispute that may arise in connection with these competition conditions or the Competition must be brought before the Danish Courts or a relevant and competent appeal board.

VIKING is not responsible for any wrongly awarded prizes as a result of fraud.

The competition is not organized in collaboration with others, unless otherwise stated.

Possibly. Complaints about competitions must be directed to the VIKING Marketing department,

Privacy policy

Participation entails the processing of your personal data. You can read more about our privacy policy here.