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Vessel evacuation for defence and professional

VIKING supplies safe and efficient evacuation, rescue and support craft solutions for navy vessels of any type - from the largest aircraft carriers, to advanced frigates, support ships and ocean going patrol vessels.

In fact, we're the only global life-saving appliance OEM to offer a truly comprehensive range, spanning from high capacity marine evacuations systems, liferafts, lifeboats and davits - to rescue boats, RIB and daughter craft packages.

    VIKING navy vessel evacuation range


    VIKING Norsafe lifeboats and davits

    With our experience extending back to 1903, we manufacture, supply and service the world's best range of conventional and free-fall lifeboats and davits for all applications - including advanced navy vessels.

    Our lifeboat systems are available with complete installation services and comprehensive training programs, all backed by a unique global OEM-grade servicing network ready to help you ensure the safety of your assets and crew.

    Our davit systems are designed for the launch and recovery of lifeboats and rescue boats. VIKING Norsafe davits are intended for long term, reliable operations in harsh marine environments and andand are built in accordance with all applicable regulations.

    Proven in use

    VIKING Norsafe lifesaving solutions are proven in use and have been used in emergency evacuations. Some of our products even hold world records for their performance - making them the preferred choice of many shipyards.

    Better by design

    VIKING Norsafe lifeboats are designed and crafted to offer outstanding performance in demanding conditions.

    Key features of VIKING Norsafe lifeboats and davits

    • Designed and manufactured according to regulations
      • SOLAS
      • Classification Society
      • Nathional Authority
      • Military and professional specific standards and requirements
    • All products are tested by engineers, production staff and rigorous quality control procedures
    • Designed and manufactured at VIKING Norsafe facilities to guarantee product quality

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    VIKING evacuation systems

    VIKING provides rugged and advanced marine evacuation systems for all types of navy vessels including supports and transport crafts as well as surface combatants such as corvettes, frigates, destroyers and aircraft carriers.

    Extensive research and development enables us to constantly push the boundaries of marine evacuation systems and develop visionary solutions. We offer lightweight and bulletproof standalone systems that work perfectly even under 'dead ship' conditions.

    Chute or slide-based evacuations

    Our slide-based systems can be supplied to match any ship design and enable extreme fore and aft installation. Requiring a minimum of deck space and crew to operate, these systems evacuate up to 657 people in 30 minutes and remain functional even under extreme list and flooding conditions.

    The slide systems are constructed mainly from high-grade natural rubber to withstand the higher frequency and intensity of drills performed by navy operators. Additional system liferafts can be placed almost anywhere on the ship.

    On the other hand, our popular chutebased systems are ideal for high-sided vessels where a minimal deck footprint is required. These fully-contained systems evacuate up to 1000 people in 30 minutes and feature Kevlar-lined and fire retardant chytes for extra evacuee protection. The systems are shock tested CETENA (MIL STD 901D).

    All systems are supported by our global service network and VIKING Safety Academy training units. Our naval architects and engineers can provide technical assistance for integration with your vessel, too.

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    VIKING liferafts

    Every second is critical when evacuating a navy vessel in distress - both in peacetime and following an armed engagement. As an invaluable supplement or alternative to evacuation systems and lifeboats, the VIKING liferaft is the workhorse of any serious evacuation setup.

    VIKING offers an extensive range of SOLAS compliant liferafts as well as several custom navy configurations and options designed specifically for military clients. Browse our standard life raft line-up and feel free to contact your local VIKING office to discuss and review custom navy liferaft options.

    Wide range of self-righting navy customized liferafts

    Our wide range of throw-overboard and davit launched liferafts are available in a top-of-the-line automatically self-righting navy customized version ensuring that no matter how the raft inflates in the water, it will always right itself, ready for boarding.

    VIKING liferafts for navy applications come in a wealth of specialized versions including US Navy, NATO stock #, Polar and extended service interval versions.

    The rafts are delivered in STANAG 2920 fragmentation-proof containers with radar signal reducing paint and are shock tested to CETENA MIL STD 901D. Installation heights peak at 60 meters and we supply all the cradles, hooks, davits, racks and ramps to complement your liferaft solution.

    Direct boarding liferafts

    Available with a capacity up to 153 persons either as open reversible or canopied SOLAS type liferafts. Rack and cradle mounted anywhere on board. Direct evacuation from the deck to the liferaft.

    Navy liferafts for injured personnel

    Designed for rescue and transfer of injured personnel, this liferaft is built with space for several stretchers, providing extra comfort for those with injuries.

    Polar liferafts

    Tested to withstand the harshest conditions, VIKING Polar liferafts are fully functional at temperatures as low as -50oC. An efficient heater system ensures that the liferafts always inflate.

    Drop dinghy

    The VIKING drop dinghy can be lowered from a helicopter to sea level where it inflates automatically.

    VIKING Norsafe lifeboats are designed and crafted to offer outstanding performance in demanding conditions.

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    Navy grade liferafts for defence and professional VIKING

    Navy grade liferafts

    Navy liferafts for injured personnel

    Navy liferafts for injured personnel

    Polar liferafts

    Polar liferafts

    Drop dinghy for defence and professionals VIKING

    The VIKING drop dinghy can be lowered from a helicopter to sea level

    More defence and professional products:

    Global service and support

    VIKING offers a unique OEM approach to service and support. Operating out of 288 servicing stations worldwide, our teams of in-house trained and certified technicians have the experience, flexibility and competencies to deliver the right solution for any project.

    We control the entire service value chain, ensuring that our customers can always expect unmatched efficiency, flexibility and quality.  

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    Training included

    VIKING operates a number of state-of-the-art safety training academies supporting not only our industry leading maritime and offshore business areas, but also our defence and professional clients.

    Our VIKING Safety Academy provides operations and maintenance courses with practical training, e-learning and specialized courses. And training is included when you invest in VIKING Norsafe boat solutions.

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    Reduce costs and hassle of safety training
    - choose VIKING Safety Academy

    With a mix of land-based training facilities and e-learning software,
    VIKING Safety Academy offers unbeatable value for money.

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    The world's strongest lifeboat service solution

    VIKING offers a unique OEM approach to multibrand servicing and
    helps you streamline and simplify safety compliance through:

       ○ extensive global service network
       ○ 24/7 support
       ○ choice of service agreements

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