Aviation safety for defence and professional

All passengers and crew traveling by helicopter over rugged maritime environments or in potentially hostile areas must wear first-class safety gear including immersion suits and lifejackets.

VIKING personal protective equipment means uncompromising safety solutions for defence and professional rotary wing aviation.

ETSO approved and reporting for duty

With an EASA (European Aviation Safety Authorities) approval, VIKING is one of a few suppliers in the world able to offer a fully ETSO approved system comprising cutting-edge pilot and passenger suits, lifejackets and Category A STASS systems to meet any in air safety requirement. We offer both purchase, rental, leasing agreements as well as electronic tracking and servicing of our aviation safety gear.

Pilot in full gear in front of rescue helicopter

Ergonomic aeronautics for SAR crews

All VIKING YouSafeTM aviation safety gear is designed to ensure unmatched comfort and safety.

Both pilots and crew must be able to safely and comfortably perform at their best – no matter how their environment changes.

With lives to protect and missions to carry out, aviation professionals such as pilots and SAR rear crew must stay focused and alert. They require fitted and ergonomically balanced gear that moves as they do - and which won’t conflict with on board equipment. For all crew functions, top-quality materials are essential to allow the body to breathe, allowing for great comfort during extended wear. VIKING uses the latest GORE-TEXTM fabrics for its helicopter safety gear.

PPE service

PPE service

These are products that must always be ready to perform and save lives ​​​​​​​in the event of an emergency. For this reason, servicing, testing and repairs are performed with meticulous care and attention to detail - according to internationally acknowledged procedures.

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Safety solutions for fixed wing aircraft

VIKING is a trusted supplier of critical on-board safety solutions for fixed wing transport and special mission airframes including the P3, P8 and C-130.

Personal protection

Our quick-donning anti-exposure suits is the standard means of personal evacuation and protective equipment for several US manufacture aircraft. Made from GORE-TEXTM materials, the on-size suits are easy to don and boast a thermal performance as per USCG/LSA code requirements at 6-hour exposure to 0-degree Celsius water - along with improved flash fire protection. The suits require little storage space, allow for on-site repacking and enable extended service intervals.

Aircraft liferafts solutions

VIKING also supplies a proven range of liferafts for fixed wing aircraft integration. These units are extremely light and compact, allowing for the right evacuation capacity to fit perfectly inside the tight stowage compartments provided by applicable airframes. Our liferafts for fixed wing aircraft are available with NATO stock # (NSN) and can be readily sourced and retrofitted by e.g. the multitude of C-130 "Hercules" airframe operators worldwide.

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As an experienced aviation PPE manufacturer, supplier and service provider, we are ready to answer any question you might have regarding gear for airmen.

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