Evacuation systems for defence and professional

VIKING provides rugged and advanced marine evacuation systems for all types of navy vessels including supports and transport crafts as well as surface combatants such as corvettes, frigates, destroyers and aircraft carriers.

Extensive research and development enables us to constantly push the boundaries of marine evacuation systems and develop visionary solutions. We offer lightweight and bulletproof standalone systems that work perfectly even under 'dead ship' conditions.

Chute or slide-based evacuation

Our slide-based systems can be supplied to match any ship design and enable extreme fore and aft installation. Requiring a minimum of deck space and crew to operate, these systems evacuate up to 657 people in 30 minutes and remain functional even under extreme list and flooding conditions.

The slide systems are constructed mainly from high-grade natural rubber to withstand the higher frequency and intensity of drills performed by navy operators. Additional system liferafts can be placed almost anywhere on the ship.

On the other hand, our popular chutebased systems are ideal for high-sided vessels where a minimal deck footprint is required. These fully-contained systems evacuate up to 1000 people in 30 minutes and feature Kevlar-lined and fire retardant chutes for extra evacuee protection. The systems are shock tested CETENA (MIL STD 901D).

All systems are supported by our global service network and VIKING Safety Academy training units. Our naval architects and engineers can provide technical assistance for integration with your vessel, too.




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MES service

To support the 1500+ VIKING marine evacuation systems installed on ships worldwide, we operate a large network of servicing stations covering all key port locations. Our stations are all manned by experienced MES technicians supported by global expert flying teams.

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