Liferafts for defence and professional

Every second is critical when evacuating a navy vessel in distress - both in peacetime and following an armed engagement. As an invaluable supplement or alternative to evacuation systems and lifeboats, the VIKING liferaft is the workhorse of any serious evacuation setup.

VIKING offers an extensive range of SOLAS compliant liferafts as well as several custom navy configurations and options designed specifically for military clients. Browse our standard life raft line-up and feel free to contact your local VIKING office to discuss and review custom navy liferaft options.

Wide range of self-righting navy customized liferafts

Our wide range of throw-overboard and davit launched liferafts are available in a top-of-the-line automatically self-righting navy customized version ensuring that no matter how the raft inflates in the water, it will always right itself, ready for boarding.

VIKING liferafts for navy applications come in a wealth of specialized versions including US Navy, NATO stock, Polar and extended service interval versions.

The rafts are delivered in STANAG 2920 fragmentation-proof containers with radar signal reducing paint and are shock tested to CETENA MIL STD 901D. Installation heights peak at 60 meters and we supply all the cradles, hooks, davits, racks and ramps to complement your liferaft solution.

Liferaft service

Liferaft service

Our global service setup caters to all your servicing needs from a single point of contact. At our certified stations covering all key maritime locations, experienced technicians follows strict guidelines for high-quality service using first-class tools and spare parts.

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Navy liferafts for injured personnel

Designed for rescue and transfer of injured personnel, this liferaft is built with space for several stretchers, providing extra comfort for those with injuries.

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  1. Emergency light (side) and NIR light (top)
  2. Extra large openings for easy helicopter extraction
  3. 12-153 person capacity
  4. Self-righting ability
  5. Special navy-spec boarding ramp
  6. Inflated/raised floor for comfort and protection
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Polar liferafts

Tested to withstand the harshest conditions, VIKING Polar liferafts are fully functional at temperatures as low as -50°C. An efficient heater system ensures that the liferafts always inflate.

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We have been producing all types of liferafts for more than half a century, so trust us to safely guide you through all your liferaft questions and needs.

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