VIKING Defence & Professional

​​​​​​​Defence and professional life-saving equipment and safety solutions

​​​​​​​Safety is serious business and no less so in the world of the defence forces and professional operators who fight for people and interests across the globe.

Safety to defence and professional operators for more than 50 years

VIKING is a global leader in maritime safety and has been supplying life-saving equipment and safety solutions to defence and professional operators for more than 50 years. Today, our customer base includes major navies, air-forces, special forces, coast guard and SAR operators, law enforcement, customs- border and harbour patrol units and many more.

Safety in action

Working with such an advanced and demanding clientele has granted us the experience, technology, product range and production setup to supply cutting-edge solutions to any performance criteria. Also, it has given us the mindset and flexibility to accommodate the complex sourcing and procurement processes often faced by our customers.

All this is powered by the world's most efficient servicing network and a global training setup.

See our equipment in action

Global service and support

VIKING offers a unique OEM approach to service and support. Operating out of 288 servicing stations worldwide, our teams of in-house trained and certified technicians have the experience, flexibility and competencies to deliver the right solution for any project.

We control the entire service value chain, ensuring that our customers can always expect unmatched efficiency, flexibility and quality.  

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Training included

VIKING operates a number of state-of-the-art safety training academies supporting not only our industry leading maritime and offshore business areas, but also our defence and professional clients.

Our VIKING Safety Academy provides operations and maintenance courses with practical training, e-learning and specialized courses. And training is included when you invest in VIKING Norsafe boat solutions.

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Building a new vessel or platform?
Think total cost of ownership...

Investing in VIKING Norsafe solutions for your newbuild helps to
ensure a hassle-free
lifetime for the vessel - and keep costs to a minimum.

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The world's strongest lifeboat service solution

VIKING offers a unique OEM approach to multibrand servicing and
helps you streamline and simplify safety compliance through:

   ○ extensive global service network
   ○ 24/7 support
   ○ choice of service agreements

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Reduce costs and hassle of safety training
- choose VIKING Safety Academy

With a mix of land-based training facilities and e-learning software,
VIKING Safety Academy offers unbeatable value for money.

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Building a new vessel?

When making boat and davit choices for newbuildings, there are plenty of design and maintenance strategy decisions to make – as well as regulations to be aware of. And short-term savings in the first phase can quickly evaporate as operational realities take over.

VIKING offers unbeatable safety and convenience with a well-deserved reputation for solving the challenges our customers face. Choose the world’s best boats and davits – we’ll take care of the rest.

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