Cylinder, Composite, 6,8 liter/300 bar, full, 30 years life, Dräger

Item number 1153994

Dräger Compressed Air Breathing Cylinder, Carbon Composite, Type 3, 6.8L/300 BAR

  • Epoxy outer coating with natural black or yellow paint
  • Glass wrap
  • Carbon wrap
  • Aluminium liner
  • Anti-corrosion layer
  • In-line valve with excess low valve (EFV optional)
  • RFID option at neck or valve
Full description

Full description

Dräger Compressed Air Breathing Cylinder, Carbon Composite, Type 3, 6.8L/300 BAR

Designed using leading technology and advanced materials, you can use our Dräger cylinders in any application where breathing protection is needed. We offer you a broad range, from carbon composite to steel cylinders. You especially benefit from their lightweight and Non-Limited Life (NLL) performance.

Our Carbon Composite Cylinder, Type 3 features a seamless aluminium liner, wrapped with carbon fibers with a fiberglass outer layer gives it a smooth resin finish. This also makes the cylinders lightweight, easy to clean and extremely resistant to shocks, chemicals and abrasion. As a result, you benefit from a weight reduction of 33 % when compared to conventional steel type 1 cylinders. Apart from that, the cylinders are manufactured and tested in accordance with technologically advanced processes.

Quick and Easy to Clean

Dräger cylinders are suitable for both machine and manual cleaning using a standard cleaning agent. This will significantly reduce your exposure to carcinogens and other toxins after an incident.

Customised to Your Design Requirements

When you order Dräger cylinders, we tailor them to meet your specific design requirements: using your own logo, labels, and colours. Personalising your cylinders makes it easier for you to allocate and manage your equipment.

Service Life Performance

Depending on the filling cycles and materials, our cylinders feature a 20-, 30- year, and non-limited (NLL) design life. Cylinders with a non-limited life can be used indefinitely when proper maintenance and periodic inspections are fulfilled. It is an investment that not only gives you peace of mind during an incident, but also reduces your cost of ownership in the long run.

Always with your safety in mind

We offer an excess flow valve (EFV) to prevent the uncontrolled outflow of gas in case of unintentional opening or damage to the cylinder valve. This feature enables you to activate or deactivate the excess flow without hindering its performance. In addition, approved according to EN 144-2018, the valve offers even greater resistance against forceful impacts while still ensuring full functionality. With Dräger’s Quick Connect technology, you can change cylinders quickly without the need for screwing or unscrewing the handwheel manually. It saves you time and ensures a safe connection between the cylinder and breathing apparatus.