Personal protective equipment for offshore oil and gas

VIKING’s attention to offshore safety is embodied by the oil and gas sector’s most comprehensive range of high-quality lifejackets and protective wear for crews at sea and in the air – serviced and exchangeable worldwide.

Stay safe when working offshore

As the ‘last line of defense’ in an emergency at sea, PPE for rugged oil and gas applications needs to be immediately available and able to perform if needed. We use the highest quality materials and individually test CE-approved YouSafe™ lifejackets, high-visibility immersion suits, firefighter suits and air crew safety gear to meet every requirement.

Designed for comfort and style as well as compliance, YouSafeTM is your PPE brand of choice when working offshore.

Lifejackets for any challenge

Our comprehensive range of VIKING lifejackets combine compliance, performance and comfort with maximum personal protection at sea.

Immersion suits

With several different styles, ranging from basic Neoprene suits to top-of-the-line PU coated Nylon models with integrated buoyancy, we offer the most comprehensive standard and custom style range for oil and gas applications.

Constant wear suits

Multi-approved, fitted and ergonomically enhanced, VIKING YouSafeTM anti-exposure suits are designed for constant wear performance across multiple tough offshore work applications.

Beyond excellent protection, they offer great comfort, flexibility and freedom of movement and are the preferred PPE solution for offshore FRB crews and ERRV operators.

Building a new offshore asset? Bringing the right PPE on board from the outset has a positive long term impact on safety and cost.

Offshore fire suits

Safe and efficient fire response on oil and gas assets and installations require the highest level of readiness, training and the very best in terms of equipment.

Approved according to SOLAS and USCG standards, we offer a full range of fire suits and accessories - as well as firefighter packages based on individual offshore conditions and client requirements.

Offshore aviation safety

VIKING is one of the few suppliers, who can offer a fully ETSO approved system of pilot and passenger suits, lifejackets and category ABS systems meeting any offshore aviation safety needs.

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Polar safety

Polar safety

Each year, thousands of vessels visit the areas covered by the Polar Code as these regions become more accessible. VIKING has decades of experience when it comes to Polar Safety and we know what it takes to specify efficient safety solutions for you.

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PPE servicing you can trust

Our unique global servicing setup makes it possible for us to cover all your PPE servicing needs.

At our certified and audited servicing stations covering the worlds offshore hub, experienced technicians follows strict guidelines for high-quality service using first-class test facilities, tools and spare parts. We ensure that both our direct booking and Offshore Safety Agreement customers always get convenient servicing with full documentation.

PPE Service
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Access our global service network

With more than 280 stations covering all major ports and offshore hubs, our certified and highly trained technicians work towards globally uniform and audited quality standards, to ensure you the best and most efficient servicing experience.

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Offshore safety made easy

With an Offshore Safety Agreement you can entrust VIKING manage and handle your PPE supply and service needs.

Learn why several oil and gas operators already subscribe to this flexible approach relying on proactive planning, fast exchange and cutting-edge digital tools to reduce administration and risk.

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