VIKING has decades of experience in servicing liferafts

Our unique global servicing network of liferaft specialist perform customer convenient liferaft servicing.

Global servicing network

Our unique network of 260 certified servicing stations follows strict guidelines for servicing VIKING’s products. The network is supported by certified educational programs, spare parts supply and continually updated online information and manuals.

All of our certified servicing stations have the appropriate tools and spare parts available, as turnaround time is important to our customers. We ensure that our customers receives fast and convenient servicing.

Documentation, servicing and testing

VIKING has a detailed procedure for liferaft servicing to maintain highest quality standards. All the information related to inspection and certifications are archived according to regulations. The servicing includes cleaning, inside and outside inspections, repair work and replacements of liferaft equipment (if needed). The serviced liferaft goes through different testing procedure that are subjected to various intervals according to international regulations. For detail procedure, read below.

Support at your convenience

The liferaft servicing can be booked by contacting any of your local VIKING branch offices.