VIKING introduces Hydropen in our assortment

taking container firefighting to new heights

Finally, there’s a faster, safer and more efficient way to directly fight costly container fires at heights on container vessels.

Costly catastrophes

Container fires put your crew, cargo and business at serious risk – and they are notoriously difficult to fight, particularly when high up in the vessel’s container stack.  

Traditionally, these fires have been fought by dowsing the burning container and its surroundings with water – a drawn-out and highly inefficient approach that can cause
as much or more damage to cargo than the fire itself.  But now there’s a far better

Automatic, direct firefighting

The HydroPenTM system is an innovative, water-based drilling machine that enables crew to effectively and efficiently fight container fires high up in the stack.

It consists of two key components: a telescopic lift used to raise a drilling/spraying unit to the right height in the stack, and the drilling/spraying unit itself.

Powered solely by water pressure from the fire main, the HydroPen™ can drill through a standard steel container door, then automatically switch mode to spray water profusely inside the container. All the crew needs to do is hoist the system’s drilling/spraying unit to the doors of the burning container with the telescopic lift, then stand back while HydroPenTM does the rest!

Thre HydroPen in action

Hoist the HydropenTM with the telescopic lift

How HydroPen works

Once attached, it penetrates the container and releases the water spray


  • Simple to operate and requires little training

  • Automates all necessary steps

  • Keeps crew at a safe distance

  • 100% fire main powered - no electricity required​​​​​​​

  • Minimizes spread of fire to other containers

  • Low maintenance

  • Weighs only 9 kgs