VIKING YouSafe™ Twist 

Introducing the new VIKING YouSafe™ Twist (PS4104) constant wear suit with enhanced fit, high quality finish and a simple design for basic needs. Designed for constant wear performance across a wide range of maritime work applications including commercial vessels, SAR, MOB and MES crew as well as offshore EERV and FRB crew. A budget-friendly solution in the quality you expect from VIKING.

Immersion Suit - VIKING YouSafe™ Twist (PS4104)

Breathable outer fabric


Integrated stretch panels for better fit in the lumber area and back of knees


Integrated, detachable radio pockets


Gloves, thigh and radio pockets

VIKING YouSafe™ Twist - PS4104
VIKING YouSafe™ Twist (PS4104) paired with the VIKING YouSafe™ Pro (PV9341)

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VIKING YouSafe™ Twist (PS4104) Datasheet

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