VIKING YouSafe™  Aviation 

The latest innovation in suits and lifejackets for pilots and crew.

Whether you’re in the cockpit, kneeling at the winch, or hanging on the end of the cable, we’ve got you covered with protection that provides comfort and allows the best maneuverability so you can focus on the task at hand.

VIKING YouSafe aviation suits for pilots and crew

EASA approved PPE solutions for aviation

All passengers and crew travelling by helicopter in hostile offshore areas as defined in JAR-OPS-3 must wear personal protective equipment with ETSO approvals, including immersion suits.

With an EASA (European Aviation Safety Authorities) approval, VIKING is one of a few suppliers in the world able to offer a fully EASA approved system comprising cutting-edge pilot and passenger suits, lifejackets and category A EBS systems to meet the aviation safety requirements.

Better comfort and mobility for your safety

Crew and passengers must report fresh for duty and with rigs and wind farms still further from shore, personal protective equipment needs to be comfortable enough to be worn properly on longer flights. With lives to protect, pilots must stay focused and alert and they require fitted gear that moves as they do - and which won’t conflict with on board equipment. Both for pilots and passengers, top-quality materials are essential to allow the necessary breathability for comfort during extended wear.

VIKING YouSafe aviation safety gear is designed to ensure unmatched comfort, safety and mobility. For those who don’t always fly to work, we also supply dual-approved solutions (SOLAS/ETSO) meaning you only need one suit for vessel or helicopter transfer.


VIKING YouSafe™ helicopter pilot suits

Helicopter pilot suits VIKING YouSafe™ Rotary U (PS4053) and YouSafe™ Rotary (PS4054) J
VIKING YouSafe™ Rotary U (PS4053) to the left. VIKING YouSafe™ Rotary J (PS4054) to the right.

VIKING YouSafe™ helicopter crew suits

Helicopter crew suits VIKING YouSafe™ Protector U (PS4055) and YouSafe™ Protector J (PS4056)
VIKING YouSafe™ Protector U (PS4055) to the left. VIKING YouSafe™ Protector J (PS4056) to the right.

New features that make your work easier

They asked, we listened. We’ve pulled out all the stops on our new range of pilot and crew suits. We started with new top of the line material to make them more lightweight and breathable. Then we added pockets and tabs and zippers - all the bells and whistles. We redesigned the form fitting features so they not only look good, but don’t get in the way of what you’re doing. And they’re emergency-ready whenever you need it. 

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Aviation Detail 1

New GORE® Pyrad® technology with lightweight and extremely breathable fabric

Aviaiton Detail 2

Latest technology in thermal insulation

Avaition Detail 3


Aviation Detail 1


Choose between short or long-term rental agreements and purchase as well as tracking and servicing of your VIKING YouSafe aviation gear.


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