Aviation safety for offshore wind

All passengers and crew travelling by helicopter to offshore wind farms and assets must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) approved under a European Technical Standard Order (ETSO).

VIKING is one of the world’s only suppliers of pilot, crew and passenger suits, lifejackets and EBS (emergency breathing systems) compliant with European Aviation Safety Authorities (EASA) approvals. 

Safety for air crew and passengers

Furthermore, because we proactively seek advice and feedback from pilots and aircrews, the performance of our VIKING YouSafe™ aviation safety and crew transfer PPE is in a class of its own. Our fitted and ergonomic designs, and the lightweight and breathable materials we use, ensure our suits and lifejackets are comfortable to wear - and that wearers both look and feel good while wearing them for work.

Safety compliance with comfort and style

With offshore personnel travelling farther from shore than ever, pilots and crew deserve form-fitting, lightweight and breathable gear that moves as they do and allows them to stay focused and alert over long periods.

offshore helicopter crew in PPE

Pilot and crew suits

Whether you’re in the cockpit, kneeling at the winch, or hanging on the end of the cable, we’ve got you covered with protection that provides comfort and allows the best maneuverability so you can focus on the task at hand.

Helicopter passenger suits

Personal protective equipment for offshore aviation passengers needs to be both safe and comfortable enough to be worn properly on long flights.

Lifejackets and accessories

We offer an extensive selection of ergonomic high-performance lifejackets for offshore rotary wing aviators and passengers. We also carry the latest technology when it comes to EBs, PLBs and other safety enhancing accessories.

“For those alternating between vessel and helicopter transfers, we supply dual-approved PPE solutions.”

Jens Peter Kruse - VP Global Fire & PPE; VIKING

Offshore aviation safety gear

Gear rental for full flexibility

Customers are also entitled to the flexibility of easy asset management. For short or long-term aviation safety gear rental agreements, purchasing and fully certified servicing, VIKING meets your safety needs to ensure continuous compliance.

A VIKING rental agreement can cover your equipment, inventory management and compliance needs in a single document. VIKING YouSafe™.


360 degree service coverage

VIKING has a unique regional ETSO service setup with 360 degree safety equipment servicing coverage in the North Sea. Certified service facilities are located in Aberdeen in UK, Den Helder in the Netherlands, Schwei-West in Germany and Esbjerg, Denmark.

Certified partner service stations
VIKING service stations

Smart PPE tracking and testing

Supporting ETSO-authorized products carries stringent requirements. Only EASA Part 145 authorized servicing stations can perform service and in addition, national air authorities need to verify compliance. Besides certification, servicing for aviation PPE is unique, as it requires special tracking of components used in both the suits and the associated service.

VIKING suits and lifejackets are equipped with small RFID chips and every operation is scanned and recorded using state-of-the-art technology.

Free advice from the aviation safety experts

As an experienced aviation PPE manufacturer, supplier and service provider to the offshore wind industry, we are ready to answer any question you might have.

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