Column rack - for three liferafts, 10-25DK+,12-25DKF+, 25-50DKR, 25DKS, 25DKFS & 25-50IBA, galvanized

Item number 1058203

A column rack designed to ensure that the liferafts will immediately drop into the water without assistance.

Full description

Full description

For throw overboard liferafts weighting more than 185 kg sliding ramps are mandatory, in accordance with the SOLAS convention chapter III regulation 16. Pre-drilled foundation holes have a diameter of Ø14.

Column rack fits the following liferaft sizes:

  • 10DK+
  • 12DK+
  • 16DK+
  • 20DK+
  • 25DK+
  • 12DKF+
  • 16DKF+
  • 20DKF+
  • 25DKF+
  • 25DKS
  • 25DKFS (only B-pack)
  • 25DKR
  • 50DKR
  • 25IBA
  • 50IBA