Foam, alcohol resistant AFFF, synthetic, 6/6%, IMO 1312 1000L

Item number 1134205

Dr. Sthamer-Moussol APS Marine 6/6% Alcohol resistant AFFF foam concentrate for fighting class B fires for (polar and non-polar) at Induction rate 6% on non-polar liquids and 6% on polar liquids.

Full description

Full description

Moussol-APS Marine 6/6% F-10 #3602 is a AFFF-AR foam type from the Dr. Sthamer foam product line using only the latest C6 technology.

Moussol-APS Marine 6/6% F-10 provides an excellent flowability, extinguish performance and sealing properties on both polar- and non-polar liquids, which generate fast extinguishment and long lasting safeguard re-ignition with solid reserves. The foam is applied at a 6% on polar- and non-polar liquid fires and proportioning with mobile and fixed flow expansion foam equipment.

  • Synthetic, aqueous film forming alcohol resistant foam
  • Available in 20, 25, 200 and 1000 liter drums
  • Induction rate at 6% on polar and 6% on non-polar liquids
  • Approvals: MED, IMO1312
  • Freeze point -10°C
  • Shelf life 10 years
  • Weight : Approx.1095 KG
  • Dimensions:120 x 100 x 116 CM