Foam, alcohol resistant AFFF foam, synthetic, 1/1%, IMO 1312 1000L

Item number 1097311

Dr. Sthamer synthetic 1/1%, low viscosity, aqueous film forming, alcohol resistant foam, especially developed to extinguish polar solvents and hydrocarbons at 1%, and prevent flammable and toxic gas emission.

Full description

Full description

Moussol-APS LV 1/1 F-15 #6101 is a low viscosity, aqueous film forming, alcohol resistant foam from the Dr. Sthamer foam product line.

Due to the low viscosity, the Moussol-APS LV 1/1 F-15 flows freely and generates a extremely thin aqueous film which flow ahead  of the foam at an induction rate of 1%. The short water drainage time enhances aqueous film formation . This effect reduces the extinction time significantly and cools down the fire source.

Moussol-APS LV 1/1 F-15 is suitable on A and B fires with fast and effective extinction. The foam remain stable and forms a gas tight long lasting layer over the surface, which reduce risk of re-ignition.

Moussol-APS LV 1/1 F-15 can be used with all low expansion foam system and portable equipment. It is especially designed to extinguish alcohols, esters, ketones and petroleum products, e.g. on board of FPSO vessels.


  • Synthetic, Synthetic, aqueous film forming alcohol resistant foam
  • Available in 20, 25, 200 and 1000 liter drums
  • Induction rate at 1%
  • Approvals: MED, IMO MSC 1 Circ. 1312, ICAO
  • Freeze point -15°C
  • Shelf life 10 years
  • Weight : Approx.1095 KG
  • Dimensions:120 x 100 x 116 CM


IMO MSC 1 / Circ. 1 1312



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