Water mist lance, wm-lance, 2" BSP male inlet, incl Hammer, NAVUTEC

Item number 1062006

This Water Mist Lance and Penetration Hammer is designed to meet the requirements in SOLAS regulations II-2/10.7.3 for extinguishing fires inside confined spaces, such as fires in containers.

  • This solution for creating water mist inside confined spaces is simple to operate and at the same time very effective.
  • Use of the lance and hammer is very intuitive and can easily be operated without further training.
Full description

Full description

The Water Mist Lance is made of stainless steel and consists of a tube with a piercing nozzle enabling the lance to penetrate a container wall. When connected to the fire main, the lance will produce a water mist inside the container. On the inlet side, a lever operated ball vale is mounted in order to control water flow direct at the lance.

The Penetration Hammar is to be used as a sledgehammer. With its 2,8 kg., its non-slip handle, and a solid impact-tip, it can with a single blow make a hole in a container wall enabling the Water Mist Lance to penetrate the container.

The solution is fail proof as it does not depend on any batteries, external electricity, or other source that can fail in situations where time is of the essence.

According to regulation, vessels designed to carry containers on or above the weather deck shall carry at least one water mist lance.


  • Type: NVT-WM Lance Material: Stainless Steel 316
  • Weight: 2 kg. (lance) and 2,8 kg. (hammer)
  • Dimension (lance): L560 x W200 x H120 mm
  • Dimension (hammer): L480 x W165 x H90 mm
  • Approval: KR Type Approval