HydroCO2, V2, with STORZ-C adaptor, for HYDROPEN

Item number 1146495

The HydroCo2 is an accessory to the HydroPen System, allowing CO2 from a standard 5 kg. CO2 fire extinguisher to be deployed into a container, after the HydroPen System has penetrated the container.

Full description

Full description

The HydroCO2 is to be connected to the firehose leading to the HydroPen System and to a standard 5 kg. CO2 fire extinguisher. Activating the CO2 fire extinguisher will release CO2 into the container via the firehose and the HydroPen system. 


In order to avoid build-up of ice/snow in the system when CO2 is applied, the HydroCO2 is also to be connected to the fire hydrant, allowing a small amount of water to pass through the firehose, together with the CO2, into the container. The discharge hose and horn on the CO2 fire extinguisher are to be removed before mounting the fire extinguisher on the HydroCO2.


Time for emptying a 5 kg CO2 extinguisher is approximately 25 seconds, whereafter new 5 kg. CO2 fire extinguishers can repeatedly be attached and emptied into the container. In a 20” container it only takes between 3 – 6 pcs. 5 kg. CO2 fire extinguishers to  get the CO2 level at a stage where fire will get extinguished.


To avoid overpressure in the firehose when carrying the CO2, a 8 bar pressure relief valve is installed in the HydroCO2.


The HydroPen cannot carry out the drilling process with CO2. The penetration of the container will therefore have to be done with water, prior to the connection of the HydroCO2.


Inlet, black CO2 hose: W21,8 thread for standard Co2 fire extinguishers

Adaptor inlet and outlet: Storz-C (or other standards upon request)

Hose length, black CO2 hose: 140 cm.

Hose length, blue water hose: 100 cm.

Weight: 2,00 kg.