Projectile, PLT multi, PLT 150, art 7004

Item number 1043414

150 Projectile for PLT® Multi

  • Used to connect FPSOs and tankers safely
  • Offshore material transfer line
  • For rescue operations
  • Used in cleaning and containing oil spills
  • Used for moving cables in mining
  • Used in ice rescues
  • Used in power company maintenance work
Full description

Full description

A buoyant projectile with a rubber tip, capable of reaching distances of 140 meters while pulling the line behind it. This type of projectile finds frequent application in medium-range mooring tasks and general line transfers. The actual launching distance depends on the specifications of your chosen line.

Under standard conditions, using a dry and uncontaminated 5mm line, the typical launch distance covers 115 meters, while it extends to 140 meters with a 3.2mm line.