Pneumatic line thrower, PLT® 150, Restech

Item number 1029676

The rubber tipped projectile reaches 140 meters and pulls the line after itself. It is commonly used for medium range mooring operations and general line transfer. Depending on your line requirements the launching distance will vary.

Full description

Full description

The Mooring 150 is intended used as a working tool for establishing line connections from boat to boat, boat to dock or pier etc. No sparks, therefore can be used in an explosive environment.

Training is easily possible as no extra costs is added per shot.


  • PLT Launching Unit­
  • Launching Tube 150­
  • 2 Projectile PLT 150­
  • Linebox 3.2 mm nylon­
  • CD with user manual


  • compressed air Cylinder: 200/300 bar, sufficient for 4/6 shots standard fittings for refilling with a compressor
  • Line: 150 m, 3.2 mm in nylon, breaking strength 2000 N
  • Projectiles: 2, POM-plastic, rubber tip, floating
  • Throwing range: max. 150 m
  • Expiry date: No
  • Class: 2.2 (only if shipped with filled cylinder)
  • UN: 1002 (only if shipped with filled cylinder)