Signal lantern FSP127, Francis

Item number 1052714

The FRANCIS FSP 127 (MKV) signalling lantern fulfils the requirements and is fully approved to the MED Regulations and SOLAS.

Full description

Full description

Please note that as per MED/SOLAS requirements, each lantern should be supplied with 3 spare lamps and approved portable battery pack. 

It refers to our complete kit - 1160183.



  • Capable of daylight signalling range of 8 miles.
  • Beam divergence of 5°.
  • Transmission rate of 12 words per minute achievable
  • Light reduction & coloured filters provide control of light output as required.
  • 5.5 metres of supply cable fitted as standard.
  • All aluminium construction, fitted with a super purity aluminium parabolic reflector.
  • Tubular and V sights are fitted as standard.
  • Handle mounted switch to operate the lantern
  • Signals made by triggering the tubular shutter system which interrupts the light from the reflector.
  • Semi gloss black stoved enamel paint finish.