Signal lantern FSP127, complete kit 24V, Francis

Item number 1160183

The Complete Kit solution includes: High quality Polypropylene carrying case with bespoke foam inserts & integrated charging socket, 4 lamps, battery in case, switch mode battery charger, and red /green coloured filter set.

  • Capable of daylight signaling range of 8 miles.
  • Transmission rate of 12 words per minute achievable.
Full description

Full description


  • Beam divergence of 5°.
  • Light reduction & coloured filters provide control of light output as required.
  • 5.5 metres of supply cable fitted as standard.
  • All aluminium construction, fitted with a super purity aluminium parabolic reflector.
  • Tubular and V sights are fitted as standard.
  • Handle mounted switch to operate the lantern
  • Signals made by triggering the tubular shutter system which interrupts the light from the reflector.
  • Semi gloss black stoved enamel paint finish.