Fall arrester 12 meter

Item number 1072652

Retractable fall arrester 12 meters with galvanized steel cable. Approved according to EN 360 Suitable for vertical and horizontal for an edge load with a radius of r=0,5 mm. Do not use in positions where there are sharp edges.

Full description

Full description

The fall arrest device is a fall arrest device with an automatic locking function and an automatic tensioning and pulling device for the lanyard, ie the retractable lanyard.

An energy-absorbing component, eg a brake, may be installed in the device itself or as an energy absorber in the retractable connector. Fall arrest devices only block from a pull-out speed of approx. 1 m / s and must therefore not be used over bulk goods.

The fall arrest devices are equipped with a galvanized steel cable or a high-strength belt strap as a lanyard. For the special horizontal application and a possible stress on the lanyard over an edge, the device must demonstrate a passed edge test. All fall arrest devices with this additional test are marked accordingly.

The fall arrest devices are available for different working and environmental conditions on the one hand with different housings (plastic and metal) and on the other hand with a length of the lanyard of up to 30 m.

Some devices are directly equipped with a rescue lifting 

  • Length: 500 mm
  • With: 195 mm
  • Height: 95 mm
  • Weight: 4,9 kg

Note! The fall arrester must be sent for inspection once a year. The inspection can be done only by a certified person at MAS GmbH.