Hospital medical oxygen set , cylinder connection Pin index

Item number 1085404

Hospital medical oxygen set is established for use in the hospital for fixed medical system installation for direct use in emergency situations.

Full description

Full description

The  hospital medical  oxygen set is established for use in the hospital for fixed system installation. The set consist out of 2 cylinder brackets with chain for safely secure of the cylinder 40/50L, medical oxygen regulator with equipped  two ports for supplying medical oxygen for two person at the same time.

When use of more than one medical oxygen cylinder, two regulators need to be used to supply oxygen for two patients at the same time. Depending upon the Class and Flag of the vessels it ca depends on the location of cylinder to inside- or outside the hospital or accommodation. As per Medical First aid Guide(MFAG) of the IMO International Maritime Dangerous Goods code (IMDG), which requires vessels carrying dangerous goods to carry oxygen cylinders in the ship's hospital.  Some Flags do require a safety line from the regulator pressure relieve valve to the outside fresh air, to avoid when leakage, a high concentrate of oxygen will fill up the hospital. Contact your VIKING Sales department for a suitable solution.
Complies with the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC

Consist out of:

  • 1 pcs Regulator with Flowmeter  0-25lpm and QC
    • cylinder connection Pin Index / Yoke connection, or
    • cylinder connection female 5/8” threat
  • 1 pcs Flowmeter QC
  • 10 pcs disposable mask
  • 2 pcs moistures
  • 2 clamp holders
  • 2 cylinder clamps


  • Hospital medical oxygen set for use with 10 liter cylinders
  • Hospital medical oxygen set with cylinder in- and outside hospital.