Medical oxygen cylinder, 40 liter, 200 bar, Pin Index connection, full

Item number 1085378

Medical oxygen cylinders in 2L, 10L and 40L , WP 200 ba.r Class, TPED and DOT approved. The cylinders have a Pin Index valve connection

Full description

Full description

Cylinder for the storage of  medical oxygen for medical use.

Medical oxygen cylinders are available in 2L, 10L and 40L , WP 200 bar, concave base and neck ring with thread  for safety cap.

The 10 and 40 liter medical oxygen cylinders are intended for use in  a fixed hospital installation set up. The 2 liter medical oxygen cylinder is intended for use with a portable medical oxygen set.

The medical oxygen cylinders are approved by Class Bureau Veritas and TPED and DOT Standards.. The medical oxygen cylinders are available with either a Pin Index valve or a handwheel valve with cylinder connection 5/8" female thread. The medical oxygen cylinders will be delivered with a protection safety cap. The medical oxygen devices comply to the  Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC.

The medical oxygen valve bodies contain a safety disc 275 bar and a Rest Pressure Valve( RPV).

The medical oxygen cylinders comply to the various Flag regulations.


  • Cylinder contents: 40 liter
  • Work pressure: 200 bar
  • Weight Gross : 80 KG
  • Dimension:  Ø25cm x 120 cm
  • UN code : 1072
  • Cylinder connection: Pin index
  • Analysis certificate
  • Equipment certificate
  • According IMO / MFAG and Flag requirements
  • Track and Trace administration