Safety training solutions for the offshore wind industry

Safety training is in the DNA of the offshore wind industry and supplying solutions for safety offshore goes beyond simply manufacturing and servicing high quality life-saving equipment. That is why we also provide safety training and e-learning to ensure that you know how to best use our equipment in emergency situations.

VIKING offers globally approved training covering the operation, service and maintenance of life-saving equipment, evacuation systems, lifeboats, and marine fire safety solutions - in the classroom, on board and online.

Trained by offshore safety experts

VIKING Safety Academy provides safety and emergency response training for the offshore industries which is approved for certification under internationally agreed standards. Through online and offline e-learning, blended learning, tuition at VIKING centers, and hands-on in the field, VIKING training professionals and instructors offer comprehensive solutions to meet your safety needs.


VIKING Learning Management System: Matched to meet your safety training needs

With 60 years of experience in supporting offshore wind safety, VIKING develops the right training package to meet your needs, tailored to meet your budget. VIKING can even ‘train the trainer’ as well as the designated crew.

At the same time, the VIKING Learning Management System (LMS) helps you track your progress on training - by crew member, by rank, by offshore asset or by fleet - and ensure that your safety records are always up to date.

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There's more to VIKING Safety Academy

Take courses, develop your skills, get feedback from specialist trainers and complete or refresh certifications. Whenever you need to. You can also use one of our many training videos to ensure everyone's 100% ready should an emergency occur.

Comprehensive materials have been created to support training and operational contexts, including manuals, videos, quick-reference sheets, signage and much more. All designed to be clear, concise and easy to understand.

Additionally, our safety training specialists are always available to help you plan and optimize your training - or to help with hands-on training either on board, at your premises or at a VIKING Safety Academy facility.  

Freefall lifeboat training

VIKING Safety Academy Greece

Train your crew at VIKING’s professional training center in Greece. The academy offers a wide range of practical and theoretical courses that all comply with the highest standards - including OPITO and STCW.

Here's just a few examples of the hands-on training you can do at VIKING Safety Academy:  

  • Free-fall and conventional lifeboat
  • Fast rescue boat and MOB Boat
  • Sea Survival
  • First aid
  • Fire fighting
  • VIKING equipment training   
Free safety training

Free safety training

Dive into our vast range of free online courses covering equipment familiarization, inspection, maintenance and more.

Offshore Safety Agreement

Offshore Safety Agreement

With a VIKING Offshore Safety Agreement, you can trust the experts to manage, streamline and simplify all aspects of offshore safety and compliance. Learn how this flexible approach reduces administration and risk - while freeing up resources to your core business.

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