Evacuation systems for offshore wind

With decades of experience providing offshore evacuation systems of all types and sizes, VIKING is the technology and competence leader when it comes to supplying evacuation solutions for offshore wind.

We have an evacuation system fit for any type of offshore installation - including the substations, accommodation platforms and other structures that keep growing in numbers, size and complexity as the scale of offshore wind farms continue to increase.

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As with all other equipment on an wind farm installation, the design of the evacuation systems must take a wide range of factors into account.

Download our "Offshore Evacuation Systems" overview in the brochure section below to find a solution that suits your requirements and specifications.

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Product focus: VIKING SES Basic

A perfect fit for most substations and selected by more offshore wind operators than any other evacuation system design, the VIKING SES Basic offers a host of benefits including:

  • Compact evacuation system appropriate for reduced spaces on fixed installation
  • A ramp is installed with the system container and includes a fire retardant chute and integrated liferaft platform
  • Evacuation height up to 30 meters
  • Operational in air temperatures ranging from -20°C to +65°C
  • Unlimited capacity for transfer to sea level
  • Boarding platform holds 25 persons
  • Evacuation capacity can be expanded with additional throw-overboard liferafts


WEB Liferaft


Evacuation systems in operation


81 m

World record evacuation height



Persons evacuated in 10 minutes

Bring the safety experts before building new assets

Our experience in offshore evacuation systems and lifeboat solutions is second to none - and we take pride in solving the challenges our customers face.

Bring our experts on board from the design phase to optimize the total cost of ownership of your evacuation solution, as well as the overall efficiency of your evacuation setup.

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