VIKING PPE service offshore

Efficient and compliant service

For smooth operations

VIKING doesn’t just manufacture safety equipment of offshore aviation - we take care of all your servicing needs, too.

With rapid delivery global stock points and a constantly growing worldwide network of certified servicing stations, you get on time, quality service with the right spare parts for complete compliance with North Sea and international regulations - straight from the manufacturer.

ETSO compliant service with 360o coverage

Supporting ETSO-approved products carries stringent requirements. Only EASA Part 145 authorized servicing stations can perform service on original equipment moreover national air authorities need to verify compliance. Besides certification, servicing for offshore aviation PPE is unique, as it requires special tracking of components used in both the suits and the associated service.  

VIKING is fully certified to service and issue certificates for ETSO suits and lifejackets to ensure airworthiness, reliability and security. We have an unmatched level of coverage around the North Sea bringing compliance, security and efficiency to offshore operators and protects their ability to function.  

Our offshore customers can have their aviation suits and lifejackets maintained or repaired at five EASA Part 145 approved stations; Bergen in Norway, Aberdeen in UK, Den Helder in Netherland, Esbjerg in Denmark or Schwei West in Germany – or a combination of these locations. All five servicing stations are also approved to carry out maintenance and repair of all other types of VIKING immersion suits and lifejackets.