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With the introduction of the Polar code on 1 January 2017, the IMO has stepped up global efforts to safeguard the increasing number of seafarers and passengers navigating polar waters, along with the pristine environment in which they operate.

A pedigree of Polar safety

VIKING has decades of experience when it comes to Polar safety. Working with special forces, navies, specialized artic shipping companies, expedition cruise lines, harsh environment offshore operators and SAR services, we know what it takes to specify efficient safety solutions for Polar applications.

Dedicated safety and life-saving equipment

Many safety products require special features to function reliably at extremely low temperatures. VIKING offers a full portfolio of such ​​​​​​​products suitable for Polar conditions.

Specifying life-saving solutions

under the polar code

VIKING Lifesaving solutions under the polar code
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Liferafts, lifeboats and MES

The code only permits the use of partially or totally enclosed survival craft.

VIKING solutions:

VIKING was the first to offer dedicated Polar liferafts operational down to  minus 50 degrees celcius.

While not addressed individually by the Polar Code, Marine Evacuation Systems (MES) must be operational at the PST, be protected from ice and use enclosed survival craft. VIKING has long supplied MES solutions for vessels and offshore installations in Polar regions, hereunder several operating under demanding Russian regulations for winterization.


Marine fire equipment

All equipment relevant to firefighting must remain accessible and operable at all times. It should not be incapacitated by cold temperatures or obstructed by ice and snow.

VIKING solutions:

VIKING supplies a complete range of marine firefighting equipment along with storage solutions for mitigating ice related risks.

Icon VIKING protective clothing

Protective clothing

The Polar Code states that adequate thermal clothing must be provided for all persons on board. Additionally, an immersion suit (VIKING recommends) or thermal protective aid must be provided.

VIKING solutions:

VIKING has the most extensive range of SOLAS approved immersion and anti-exposure suits in the industry. Our VIKING YouSafeTM Blizzard Polar immersion suit is widely used by cold-water shipping operators today.

Design features such as detachable gloves, easy donning and integrated buoyancy make these suits an excellent choice from both a safety, comfort and storage space perspective.

Icon VIKING Survival kits

Survival kits and life-saving appliances

To support the requirement for minimum 5 days survival upon escape and evacuation, the Polar Code mandates the carriage of group (GSK) and personal (PSK) survival kits based on the number of people on board.

VIKING solutions:

VIKING offers an exhaustive range of life-saving appliances. PSK and GSK packages can be specified in accordance with code and client requirements.

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