Meet the VIKING Service Technicians

Working as a service technician at Viking Life-Saving Equipment can offer you not only a challenging and rewarding career but also the opportunity to travel the world and develop your skills as a professional. Once you join the team at VIKING, you may have the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects around the world. This could include everything from performing routine maintenance on equipment in a port city to traveling to remote offshore locations to repair equipment on a drilling platform.

Learn more about life as a service technician from five of our valued colleagues from around the world.

Pawel - Service technician


As a young technician, I loved traveling and meeting new people and cultures around the world. It has been a fantastic opportunity for me, and I have embraced all the challenges and experiences it has brought me.

Here in Singapore, I had the extraordinary career opportunity to become a Service Manager within Marine Fire Safety. I get to use the many years of experience I have from being a technician as well as gaining new insights, and helping others become even better.

I really like that!


I felt like I wanted to travel more - and working for VIKING is very flexible in that way. VIKING is present almost everywhere, and you have many opportunities to grow both within the job and location-wise.

I wanted to see the world and have a job where no two days are the same. I got exactly that as a lifeboat engineer!
I work both on vessels and offshore platforms and get to be outside in the sun and fresh air instead of wasting away in the same place doing the same thing on repeat. Also, it feels excellent to service equipment intended to save people's lives.

Surely the job can be demanding at times, but traveling, working, and socializing with good colleagues - or friends, as I like to call them - more than makes up for it.

Jorden - Service technician
Susanne - Service technician


Joining VIKING and the career path as a service technician has been such a good decision for me! I enjoy combining traveling and socializing with diverse types of people in my everyday work, where no two days are the same. It’s a lot of fun!

I have learned a lot in the field, during training and onboard vessels – even though it has been a steep learning curve and the job proved tough at first. However, it has helped me grow and develop in so many positive ways; I was maybe a little bit shy and insecure in the beginning, but today I have become a confident, skillful, and independent maritime technician!

In fact, I know that the maritime industry has so much to offer women, and we have a lot to offer in return, so I really encourage more women to explore this field of work, and VIKING is a great place to take this step.


The purpose of my job is to make sure that our customers are satisfied and that our gear is ready and able to keep their crewmembers safe! I am driven by the fact that my work creates the best possible conditions for saving lives. And the possibility to do that all around the world – solo or with good colleagues – makes it even better.

I enjoy expanding my network and enhancing my skills, not only at our great worldwide training facilities but also out on the job. I feel a great connection to the people I meet on board; it is their safety I work for.

Thomas - Service technician
Jackie - service technician


Being in the maritime industry since 2006 I am really passionate about my job – not only do I enjoy traveling for jobs and being in the workshop, but also the opportunity to meet new people, work with highly competent colleagues, and passing on knowledge to the younger technicians.

Communication is key in my job – we need to be on the same page and work together as a team to make sure that we deliver high-quality every time. It feels good to know that our contribution and knowledge serve a life-saving purpose. Teamwork makes the dream work, you know.

Service technicians wanted!

VIKING is looking for skilled technicians and service engineers for servicing life-saving equipment worldwide.

If you are looking for a career with a purpose, great development opportunities, and the chance to see the world – then look no further.

Service technicians