All-Round Trainee VIKING Hamburg, Germany

Currently I’m working in the Sales department of our subsidiary in Hamburg. My stay in Germany is part of two years of extensive training and work experience – where my colleagues at VIKING act as mentors to help people like me to become a performer in the organization. During the two years, I will be working in four different departments.

In a company this size, it’s important to know and understand the different functions and departments. And, as an all-round trainee, I not only get to know about them – I get to work within them, as well.

Global opportunities

For now, most of my time is spent in Inside Sales, making quotations and orders for our customers. As many of our customers are shipowners with global operations, part of the job is to coordinate delivery and related tasks around the world. I also visit our customers, presenting VIKING’s portfolio, as well as our Shipowner Agreement concept.

I like the fact that I’m working for a global company with colleagues and customers all over the world, which could lead to ​​​​​​​a more permanent position abroad at some stage.

​​​​​​​What’s so special about VIKING?

I chose VIKING because I wanted to do something meaningful and make a difference - and VIKING is all about saving lives. For me, it’s exciting to work with people from all over the world – and that is a natural part of everyday life at VIKING. Also, a huge part of being a trainee at VIKING is the ability to study while working – school is part of the program and I love being able to do both. My job is challenging, but one where I have both responsibility and opportunities to develop my skills every day. I couldn’t imagine a better place to work.