Improving our production sites

Our factories and our global service stations are the heart of VIKING. Over the last decade, we have invested heavily in optimising our production facilities within technology, innovation, safety and low energy consumption. 

In 2023, we have worked on a large number of local and global initiatives throughout our production facilities with the aim of promoting sustainable production methods.

These initiatives include improved waste air treatment, further installation of solar panels on factories, introduction of environmentally friendly equipment such as electric forklifts, battery recycling, and more

Selected results from our 2023 local energy optimisation initiatives:

  • The installation of LED lights has resulted in electricity savings of 11.6% throughout our Danish facilities.
  • The solar panels installed in our production facilities in Thailand now cover around 40% of the total electricity consumption, resulting in reduced CO2 emissions of approximately 844 tons per year. The facility also runs on 100% LED lights.
  • The installation of LED light in our Chinese factory has resulted in a 44.8% reduction of electricity used for lighting. Paper consumption has dropped 17.5% from 2022 to 2023 as a result of targeted efforts to promote the paperless office.
Service August 2021 22

At VIKING, we are committed to reducing our water and electricity consumption on an annual basis. To achieve this goal we have established yearly targets for our service and manufacturing sites.

These targets are set to reduce both electricity and water consumption. We are pleased to report that our manufacturing sites has successfully met the electricity target. However, our service stations have exceeded their targets, likely due to an increase in activity over the past year. 

Conversely, for our water target, we can see the opposite scenario. Our manufacturing sites did not meet the target, while our service stations significantly reduced their consumption compared to 2022. Nonetheless, these results were expected as the increase in activity also implies an increased need of water to produce our products.

VIKING sustainability report 2023

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