We support historical vessels

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" - and that is why we support the operation of many historical vessels. Contributing to safeguarding, honoring and passing on vital seafarer knowledge from different historic eras is something we take great pride in.


Rebekka of Fanø

The flat-bottomed boat Rebekka of Fanø left the shipyard in Nordby back in 1921 to transport hay, peat, coal, building materials and agricultural products in the Wadden Sea. She still sails the Wadden Sea - now a UNESCO World Heritage – offering unique access to the National Parks magnificent nature. We supply the liferafts and lifejackets.

The fishing boat Claus Sørensen

Now owned by the Fisheries and Maritime Museum, the historic fishing boat Claus Sørensen "E.1" is used to educate students on fishing and marine life with trips out in the bay and to the seal colonies at the sandbars. We supply liferafts, lifejackets and service.

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Colin Archer Guild, Lemvig

The first “Colin Archer” was built in 1893, tailored for the rough seas off the coast of Norway. The name soon became synonymous with boats of this type and now “Anni Thryssøe”, built by the Colin Archer Guild in Denmark, offers leisure tours to associations, schools and locals. VIKING supports the guild with liferafts and lifejackets.

The ferry MØN

The ferry MØN is a "floating bike path" in the summer season between Stege on Moen and Kalvehave in southern Zealand. A maritime attraction and a traffic safe alternative for both residents and tourists. The ferry is the last riveted steel ferry and also Denmark's oldest preserved ferry, over 90 years.

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Ladbydragen Vender Hjem (5)

The vikingship Ladbyskibet

The Viking museum Ladby has built a true replica of the viking ship found on site in a burial mound dating back to the Viking Ages, 1000 years ago. VIKING is proud to sponsor lifejackets for the viking ship.


The Schooner Martha Society is a non-profit organisation that owns and operates the Martha. The schooner was originally launched in 1900 and the Society has since restored the vessel to her original beauty. Today the schooner is used to take children and school classes with teachers for sailing trips in the Baltic Sea, and also participates in regattas around Denmark and northern Germany.   

Martha Sharp2010 Farvekorrigeret