Lasse Melgaard Sall - Vice President, Products & Technology

Senior Vice President, Global Manufacturing and Products & Technology

Lasse Melgaard Sall joined VIKING Life-Saving Equipment in 2012 as Senior Project Manager for Strategic Projects. In 2014, he became Global Network Manager and then Director of Q, HR & Excellence. In October 2017, he was appointed Vice President, R&D, QHSE and Supply Chain Excellence. And in 2020, he took over Products & Technology.

Lasse Melgaard Sall has extensive experience in LEAN and project management from Force Technology and Valcon. Previously, he was a professional soccer player for 10 years. Lasse joined the Group Management team in 2017.

Lasse Melgaard Sall holds a degree in Management from the University of Southern Denmark supplemented with a bachelor’s in chemistry and several LEAN certifications including IPMA B.

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