Designated Crew Familiarization Training - VIKING, VEDC

Item number VSA121

The aim of this course is to get the participant familiarized with the VEDC system including how to activate and operate the VEDC during an evacuation.

Full description

Full description


The course is delivered as e-learning. This training represents the theoretical part of the complete VIKING Evacuation Dual Chute training for Designated Crew. For competence giving training you must sign up for the full program. Contact to hear more.


This course guides you through the main elements of the VEDC system. You will learn about tasks held by crew members, how to operate each part of the VEDC system, and how to guide and instruct evacuees. The course is divided into different roles split between task holders. Every crew member will learn the run-through of the VEDC system, and lessons specifically describing her or his tasks. The colored cap on each instruction page indicates which crew member is responsible for the task.

Target group

Designated crew members onboard passenger vessels using the VEDC evacuation systems.


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