Ship Security Officer - STCW ISPS, A-VI/5

Item number VSA200

The course provides knowledge to the Ship Security Officer (SSO) on how to ensure and uphold the security of the ship while working closely with the Company Security Officer (CSO) and the Port Facility Security Officer (PFCO).

Full description

Full description

The SSO, appointed by the company and the ship’s master, will also learn how to implement the ship security plan as well as maintaining crew skills with the right training to secure a high security level onboard. Upon completion of the course the SSO will hold the right skills set to act as a security officer, conducting regular inspections and modify the security plan in accordance to the maritime security level and security measurements.


The course is conducted as e-learning with a written assignment based on a practical exercise as per A-VI/5 of the STCW code.


To successfully pass the course, the participant must be able to:

  • Maintain and supervise the implementation of a ship security plan
  • Assess security risk, threat and vulnerability
  • Undertake regular inspections of the ship to ensure that appropriate security measures are implemented and maintained
  • Ensure that security equipment and systems, if any, are properly operated, tested and calibrated
  • Encourage security awareness and vigilance
  • Respond to changes in the maritime security levels

Target group

The course is designed for seafarers appointed as Ship Security Officers onboard.


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