Familiarization and Security Awareness - STCW ISPS, A-VI/6-1

Item number VSA201

The Familiarization and Security Awareness course aims to give all seafarers training in security procedures, as well as identification of maritime security threats.

Full description

Full description


The course is conducted as e-learning.


To successfully pass the Familiarization and Security Awareness course, the participant must be able to:

  • Contribute to the enhancement of maritime security through heightened awareness
  • Recognize security threats
  • Understand the need for and methods of maintaining security awareness and vigilance

Target group

The course is designed for seafarers employed or engaged in any capacity onboard a ship which complies with the provisions of ISPS. Seafarers of all ranks, who do not have designated security duties as detailed within the Ship Security Plan, must attend the Familiarization and Security Awareness course.


You can purchase the course direclty at viking-safetyacademy.com.