Constant wear suit - VIKING YouSafe™ Hurricane+, Size 50 (L), Bekina® Steplite X black boot in size 42, 3mm neoprene collar

Item number PS4191785004223

With built-in inflatable buoyancy and a wealth of ergonomic features, the VIKING YouSafe™ Hurricane+ allows you to work hard while staying safe under extremely demanding maritime conditions

  • Waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® NARVIK™ with flexible fabric panels for better freedom of movement
  • Ideal for use in both cold and warm climates
  • No lifejacket required, fully integrated buoyancy that ensures better ergonomics and faster donning
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Outer material


Colour options

  • Yellow/Black

Design features

  • Bekina® safety boots attachted
  • Integrated inflatable buoyancy (manual inflation)
  • Breathable outer fabric for optimized comfort and performance
  • Reinforcements of paramid including knees and seat
  • Fleece lined thigh pockets and a host of additional pockets
  • Quilted liner system for thermal insulation (standard 6 hour)
  • Integrated stretch panels for better ergonomic fit in the lumbar area and back of the knees
  • Reflective piping for increased visibility
  • Integrated detachable gloves and hood

Suit size

  • M

Footwear size

  • 42

Special instructions

  • No lifejacket required

Service interval

  • VIKING recommends annual service

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