Lifejacket - VIKING YouSafe™ Essence

Item number PV9530

Featuring a compact design and proven in-water performance, the VIKING YouSafe™ Essence is a great basic lifejacket for commercial cargo and passenger vessels as well as offshore applications

  • Good in-water performance with a torso and head-support buoyancy panel
  • Intuitive donning and protection in case of emergency
  • Easy repacking and storage when not in use
Full description

Full description

Cover fabric

  • Coated polyester

Colour options

  • Orange

  • High visibility yellow

Design features

  • Whistle, buddy line, lifting strap and choice of emergency light

  • Single front buckle and crotch strap ensure an easy intuitive donning

  • Minimal storage space required

  • Body and head-support buoyancy panel


  • SOLAS approved light

  • Print

Service interval

  • No service requirement for the lifejacket

  • Lights must be replaced every 5 years

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