Fire fighting suit - VIKING YouSafe™ Spark Trousers

Item number PS8460

Fire suit with a multi-layer design that provides a good thermal performance and protection

  • A lightweight suit with a good balance of protection, durability and breathability
  • Aramid outer shell with anti-static properties
  • Extra layer of protection to reduce the risk of compression burns in the shoulders
Full description

Full description

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Outer material

  • Aramid with anti-static properties

Colour options

  • Dark navy blue, gold, red and orange

Design features

  • Extremely lightweight and breathable fire suit
  • Triple reflective trim according to ISO standard 20471 for increased visibility
  • Elastic intake on waist
  • Knee pads for comfort and pre-bent knees for flexibility
  • Radio pockets and microphone tabs
  • Glove hangers with carabiner
  •  Antiwicking barrier in the cuffs to reduce water ingress to the moisture barrier
  • Prepared for a name tag


  • S, M, L, XL, XXL, SPL

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