Fireman safety line with pouch, Dräger

Item number 1084925

The Dräger Lifeline is a 30 m length of Kevlar line that has a karabiner with a snap-lock gate fitted on to a loop at one end.

Full description

Full description

The Lifeline fits into a flame resistant pouch on the breathing apparatus waist belt, and the karabiner connects to an anchor strap that is fitted on to the breathing apparatus backplate.

The Lifeline is fitted in order to meet the International Maritime Organization (IMO) equipment performance specifications on ships carrying dangerous chemicals or liquefied gases in bulk. When the Lifeline is fitted, the breathing apparatus constitutes an element of the set of safety equipment in accordance with ISO 23269-2:2011 and 23269-3:2011 which permit personnel to enter a gas-filled compartment and perform work there.

The Lifeline is intended to be fitted to Dräger breathing apparatus which are approved to EN 137:2006 and certified under MED (96/98/EC).

The Lifeline can be fitted to only the following Dräger breathing apparatus:

  •  PSS® 7000
  •  PSS® 5000
  •  PSS® 3000
  •  PAS® Lite

The Lifeline is intended to be connected to a secure anchor point in order to provide a guide for the wearer back to their point of origin, or to provide a guide to the wearer for rescue.

  • Line dimensions: 30 m x 15 mm x 1 mm
  • Line minimum breaking load: 10 kN
  • Line static proof load: 3.5 kN for 5 minutes
  • Karabiner working load limit: 350 kg