Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats - STCW, A-VI/2-2

Item number VSA214

This course covers the requirements of STCW table A-VI/2-2, providing knowledge to the participant on how to operate and take command of an FRC in a safe manner.

Full description

Full description


The course is conducted as theoretical and practical training at VIKING Safety Academy. “Hands-on” training will ensure required competence in Fast Rescue boats and davit/ winch release systems.


Upon completion participants should be able to demonstrate competency as described in the STCW Code table A-VI/2-2, including the following;

  • Checkpoints and inspections of the FRC
  • Introduction to the FRC
  • Procedures and communication
  • Using a FRC davit
  • Maneauvring
  • Search techniques and search patterns
  • SAR operations
  • Using SAR equipment
  • Man over board rescue operations
  • First aid
  • Transferring personnel to rescue crafts

Target group

Coxswain or other personnel with tasks in fast rescue boats.


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