Firemen waist belt, heat resistant, size 3, 1010 - 1190mm

Item number 1043103

Fireman’s Heat Resistant Waist Belt.

  • Flame-retardant
Full description

Full description

The belt is resistant to temperatures upto 210 degrees Celsius. The belt is delivered with a safety line, D ring and carbine hook.

  • Material: Black Polyester
  • Flame-retardant according to EN 358
  • Belt Length: 1010-1190 mm
  • Belt width: 85 mm
  • Approval: CE

Type FHA

When putting on the firemen waist belt FHA, the belt is placed around the body and the belt strap end is pulled through the light metal frame, fed back and hooked into the existing metal eyelets by means of the 2-thorn buckle. The belt strap end is then pulled through the attached belt strap loops and fixed in place. Make sure that the belt is tight.