Complete set of cables and HRU for polar rafts

Item number 1042425

HRU and Complete set of cables for Polar rafts The HAMMAR H20 Polar Box is an electrically heated box for two HAMMAR H20 hydrostatic release units.

Full description

Full description

One of the units is connected to the liferaft lashing and the other release unit is intended for cutting an additional electrical cord.

The heated box is equipped with a silicone rubber coated heater with a built-in temperature sensor. The heater is connected by a silicone rubber electrical cord to a HeaterGuard control unit placed in a suitable heated space. The electrical heater and its cable are fully protected against water and are designed to withstand operating under water. The heated H20 polar box is insulated with PE foam on the inside of the front and back side to reduce the heat leakage to the surroundings.

Supply voltage 240 VAC 50 – 60 Hz

Max power consumption: 35W

Operating temperature -50˚C to +65˚C

Enclosure protection: IP30

Material: Box: GRP HRU: Glass fiber reinforced nylon

Color: Grey

Weight: 1,5 kg

Dimension: 20 x 10 x 8 cm

Approval: Approved by DNV in accordance with SOLAS, IMO Res. A1024(26) guidelines for ships operating in Polar waters and winterization of liferafts -50˚C rules..