Hydraulic cutting tool

Item number 1023827

The cutting tool can cot and spread and perfect for use in the helicopter crash kit.

Full description

Full description

The cutting tool can be included in the Helicopter Crash Kit. Operation is completely independent of power supplies.

The tool is immediately ready for use, can cut and spread without needing to be reconfigured and is especially suitable for rescue where there is a risk of explosion (no flying sparks), in rough terrain, to equip rescue helicopters or emergency technical assistance units.

The unit rotates by 360° so is always in the ideal working position Is independent of external power sources.

Is handy and lightweight. Low leverage force required for the integrated hand pump due to the automatic switch-over between low pressure and high pressure areas Type SC250M

  • Weight: 11,9 kg
  • Dimension: L 850 x W 190 x H158 MM
  • Round steel up to ø: 26 mm
  • Max cutting force: 261 kN
  • Max spreading distance: 308 mm
  • Approval: none