Turbo nozzle, with Storz C brass adaptor, AWG, 2235

Item number 1031253

The AWG Turbo nozzle AWG type 2235, Storz 65 Adaptor is made in brass. It is equipped with numerous perceptible features for optimum operation, even in poor visibility. AWG turbo nozzles allow you to work intuitively, even under stress.

  • Intuitive handling - even in poor visibility
  • Resistant, lightweight and robust
  • User friendly
  • High throw distance for effective cleaning
Full description

Full description

This product is equipped with higher quality anodised finish and corrosion-resistant rocking lever and handle made of impact-resistant polymer.

The turbo nozzle 2235 produces a focussed full jet and a spray jet up to a max. spread of 120°. The drop size is 0.35 mm at 6 bar and the 235 l/min setting. Higher pressures and/or a lower flow rate reduce the drop size by about 0.2 mm. The toothed ring in the nozzle head (jet forming sleeve) reflects water drops and produces a filled spray cone.
The drop size and distribution binds a considerable amount of heat and thus achieves an excellent extinguishing effect. The turbo wheel rotates quickly in the spray jet and atomises it. When the 60° spray angle is used – pointer at the “top” on the red spray nozzle head – a concentrated spraying pattern is produced which prevents sudden evaporation of the firefighting water, particularly when the open–closed pulsed mode is used. In addition, hot fire gases can be fought effectively during inside attacks.

High throw distances with a corresponding mechanical penetrating power of the water flow are achieved in the
focussed full jet.

Technical specifications:

  • Shut-off: shut-off and opening of the nozzle is by means of the U-shaped rocking lever. Lever to the front "CLOSED", lever to the rear "OPEN".
  • Flow rate adjustment with "pointer" and flushing option: can be adjusted to 60 – 130 – 235 l/min at 6 bar by turning the flow rate selector. The
  • Throw distance at 6 bar: 18 m at 60 l/min, 26 m at 130 l/min, 30 m at 235 l/min
  • Flushing function: if the flow rate selector is turned to the flushing position, particles of dirt up to more than 5 mm in diameter are flushed out.
  • Weight: 2450 g
  • Dimensions: 295 x 235 x 110 mm